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About Us

About Chinese Stories

We are the first in the world to provide you with the best digital Chinese Reading materials. Strictly based on HSK (simplified Chinese edition) and TOCFL (traditional Chinese edition) grading systems, we not only simplify complicated news pieces, articles and stories to tailor to your individual needs while leading you into Chinese communities, but also provide you with MP3 readings to train your Chinese listening ability. Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese versions are both available. Since our aim is to help you advance your Mandarin Chinese and at the same time bring Chinese culture to you, all our articles are based upon stories, which took place in Chinese societies, whether in ancient or contemporary time. The contemporary ones are all about real life stories that we rewrite from Chinese media in China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and so on.

Our team is made up of a group of dedicated well-trained teachers, professional journalists, and technical geniuses. All the contents are created and edited by native Chinese teachers, who graduated from the the Teaching Chinese as a Second Language(TCSL), Peking University and the Chinese teacher of Peking language University.