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About Chinese Stories

About Chinese Stories

We are the first in the world to provide you with the best digital Chinese Reading materials.

Strictly based on HSK (simplified Chinese edition) and TOCFL (traditional Chinese edition) grading systems, we not only simplify complicated news pieces, articles and stories to tailor to your individual needs while leading you into Chinese communities, but also provide you with MP3 readings to train your Chinese listening ability. Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese versions are both available.

Since our aim is to help you advance your Mandarin Chinese and at the same time bring Chinese culture to you, all our articles are based upon stories, which took place in Chinese societies, whether in ancient or contemporary time. The contemporary ones are all about real life stories that we rewrite from Chinese media in China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and so on.

Our Team

Our team is made up of a group of dedicated well-trained teachers, professional journalists, and technical geniuses. All the contents are created and edited by native Chinese teachers, who graduated from the the Teaching Chinese as a Second Language(TCSL), Peking University and the Chinese teacher of Peking language University.

Our Three Major GoalsWe tailor stories to meet your individual needs, thus make learning easier and more consistent.
In addition to learning Chinese, our stories help you understand the culture, thinking, life, geography and history of both ancient China & contemporary Chinese societies.
Our monthly e-books help you learn and read regularly, making it possible for speedier progress in Chinese learning.

 Our Reading Levels are as follows


For Schools

Why should schools use our material?

A. It's a digital leveled Chinese storybook, which is rare on the market. No matter it’s vocabulary, grammar or recording speed all follow the standard of TOCFL or HSK. This kind of Chinese material which combines language, culture, history, geography and custom can attract students for schools. 

B. It has always been a valued teaching method with stories in western teaching system. However, most of the Chinese language institutes don't have classes like this, only a few of them have. The main reason of this is because they don't have the story-based material like ours. The product of our company includes various stories of Chinese people throughout the history. 

C. The material of our company is digital-learning one. As of now, digital-teaching has become mainstream in language education throughout the world. Moreover, the international schools in Singapore almost all use digital-teaching method to attract international students; or, the language institutes in Europe, United States and Japan also all use digital-teaching as main material or as supplement. Our product is a standard digital interactive learning material, which will be a great advantage to have international students to study in your schools.

For Teachers

Why do teachers use our material?

A. Teachers won't spend hours to prepare the material.

B. The material of our company has abundant vocabulary and grammar. Teachers can also use our material as supplement to work with the main teaching material. 

C. Our product includes related links to Google Map and Wikipedia, so international students can further get to know the geography, history, custom and people in Chinese world other than the content in the regular textbooks. It can also make the class more interesting and easier for the students to understand. 

D. Teachers can choose the stories that fit students' level from our material, or they can let the students choose the stories they want to learn. 

E. We have several platforms like official website, iOS, Android, Amazon and Kindle Fire applications. Once you create an account on any of these platforms, you can download the material for free and read on any other platforms. No matter where you are or when it is, you can still learn easily. 

F. We can offer a more effective way for teachers to prepare the classes. (Corresponding lessons, themes, grammar and vocabulary)

For Parents

Why do parents use our material?

A. Children can better understand the thinking, tradition and custom of Chinese people through Chinese stories. 

B. Besides learning Chinese steadily, fast and effectively, children can understand the geography, history, custom and people in Chinese world. This will be a great advantage when interacting and doing business with Chinese people. 

C. Children can read and memorize Chinese easily anytime and anywhere with the ipad or iphone that issued by schools or provided by parents. It'd lessen children's burden for not having to carry so many books. 

D. Children can choose the material that's suitable for their levels to read. 

E. Telling how to help their children learn better (children can learn with their parents)

F. Emphasizing the material itself is leveled, and it will be suitable for most of the students who are learning Chinese in different levels. 

G. Learning while playing. 

For Students

Why do students need our product?

A. Different from the traditional Chinese material, students can better understand the thinking, tradition and custom of Chinese people through Chinese stories. 

B. Students will learn more vocabulary, phrases and grammar faster by teachers using this material systemically. 

C. Knowing how much you've improved by keeping track of progress report. 

D. Timed quiz can help students know how much they understand the story right after reading it. 


For Self-learners

Why do self-learners need our material?

A. Be able to choose the material that's suitable for their levels to read and learn. 

B. Our product offers important vocabulary and side note, which will spare the learners the time to look up the dictionary, and also thesaurus. 

C. Improving listening, speaking and reading skills even if self-learning. 

D. Read and memorize the words easily with smartphones and tablets anytime. It's be lighter and less troublesome not having to carry books.