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  • 救驾烧饼

    The Rescue Shaobing

    “Jiujia Shaobing” is a kind of Chinese baked roll. “Jiujia” in Chinese means help others out of trouble. So wh..
  • 宫保鸡丁的故事

    The Story Of Kung Pa..

    Gong Bao chicken was a famous Chinese dish. How does the dish taste, and how did the name of it come from?
  • 春卷的由来

    The Story Of Spring ..

    Spring roll is a delicious Chinese dish that has a touching story behind it. Back in the Spring and Autumn Per..
  • 麻婆豆腐的故事

    The Story Of Mapo To..

    Mapo Tofu, an all-time favorite dish for Chinese and Foreigners, was invented by a girl in Sichuan Province. L..
  • 海南鸡饭

    Hainanese Chicken Ri..

    If you go to Singapore, Singaporeans would sincerely recommend you to try the Hainan Chicken rice. Hainan Chic..
  • 龙井茶的传说

    The Legend of Longji..

    There was a kind-hearted old lady who lived in the Longjin Mountain. Let’s read how her kindness brought us th..
  • 吃豆腐

    Getting Handsy or Ea..

    There are two different meanings when it comes the phrase “eating tofu” in Chinese, and the alternative meanin..
  • 客家小炒的故事

    The Story of Hakka S..

    A poor student helped another even poorer student with the dish his mother made for him on their way to attend..
  • 爱玉的由来

    The Origin of Aiyu

    Aiyu is a common summer desert in Taiwan. Behind its popularity, it actually has a story to the origin of its ..
  • 东坡肉的故事

    The Story of Dongpo ..

    A famous dish called "Dongpo pork" is named after the renowned poet, Su Dongpo. It was created with the kindne..